This is the blog of New Life Mission Church of Fremont. Our goal is to create a safe public space where the members, visitors, and friends of New Life can interact with Pastor David and with one another in all matters concerning faith and life in Christ. See guidelines for posting comments here.

New Life is a new church for the East Bay offering welcome in Jesus Christ to skeptics, seekers, and his committed yet broken followers. We exist to be a diverse community reconciled to God in Jesus Christ and renewed by the Gospel to worship God and love our neighbors.

Rev. David Lee is the pastor of New Life. He studied at Westminster Seminary California and is ordained in the Presbyterian Church in America. He lives in Fremont with his wife and three children. In his former life he was a history teacher at Irvington High School in Fremont. He loves watching and discussing movies (but not at the same time), playing board games, hiking, visiting local cafes, and watching and complaining about (at the same time) Bay Area sports.


6 Responses to About

  1. Stephen says:

    yahoo a/c is perfect – thanks!

  2. Hi Pastor David – while searching the internet for some resources to go along with Tim Keller’s book, I somewhat randomly spotted your church’s study group on the same subject/book that you have just started. We are a small Presbyterian church meeting in central Perth and we are about to commence a study with some families using this same book. I wondered if you know of any or have any resources (questions, leader’s notes and such like) that could be used in our study. Any pointers you have would be greatly appreciated…thank you and every blessing!

    • David Lee says:

      Stephen, I don’t know of any existing study guides on this book. I am currently writing our church’s own study guide week to week. I’d be happy to share it with you but it is incomplete. Is the best way to reach you through your yahoo account?

      • Stephen says:

        Hi again – thanks for your msg – whatever you can share would be greatly appreciated…we kick off this Saturday! Many thanks, Stephen

  3. Sam Pak says:

    Hi Pastor Dave Lee, this is Sam Pak from wellspring. Just browsing through and I found your site! It’s been a long time brother! Just wanted to say hello and much grace to you brother!

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